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We work with local partners to develop and build projects.

HPG will supply turbines at no cost, sharing in the project revenue with our development and infrastructure partners.

We have infrastructure solutions for every site, or we can work with you to provide your own:

  • Fixed / spanning structures;

  • Floating platforms;

  • Grid-tied systems;

  • Off-grid solutions;

  • Integration with microgrids, energy storage and other generation.

Canal span.png
HPG-GA-TDU-106 Plastic Pontoon Platform Assembly.png

Talk to us about your site, or we can identify one for you.

Typical waterway Characteristics:

  • Minimum Average Velocity: 1.5 m/s

  • Maximum Velocity: 3 m/s

  • Minimum Depth: 2.5m (shallower sites can also be accommodated by special arrangement)

  • Minimum Width: 4m (or narrower by special arrangement)

We have 10 and 25kW turbines in stock.

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